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Your email list should be cherished like a cheat code for connecting with your customers. But one wrong move and you could lose subscribers.

This is why email marketing can be tricky to nail, but when it’s done well, it’s a powerful move. 

Rather than spending time designing, strategising and managing your business’ email marketing, let the experts do it for you. Here’s a look at what we can do.

Suzuki’s Email Journey

Suzuki Motorcycles has engaged us for much of their advertising where we collaborate on content writing and design. As we already understood the brand’s voice and design, it made sense for Suzuki to engage us to refresh their EDMs. 

The EDM needed to look as sleek as the motorcycle they’d just purchased.

This ensures the customer’s sales journey is seamless, from first seeing an ad to the aftercare post-sale. It also means Suzuki Motorcycles has established a connection with the customer which they can revisit moving forward. 

Here is an example of the before and after of the thank you EDM they send to customers who have just purchased their new Suzuki motorcycle.

Suzuki eCommerce Homepage Mobile Design
Suzuki Email Marketing-Brand Advertising
Suzuki Email Marketing-Before Comparison
Sharing Christmas Recipes-Lurpak Website

Buttering Up Lurpak

Cult butter brand Lurpak engaged us for a once off EDM chain supporting their Christmas campaign to get Australia baking instead of buying.

Customers could redeem one of three baking kits upon upload of a valid receipt for any Lurpak product. We created the landing page customers visited and when they input their email it was added to Lurpak’s database, boosting their direct customer reach.  

We set up email automations for if the receipt was valid and the kit was on the way, or if the receipt was invalid and to try again. Once the kits were sold out, the confirmation automations stopped and were replaced with a coupon code email instead. This way, no customer felt they had missed out and felt fully informed along the way, which builds rapport with Lurpak.

Email marketing isn’t just about design. It’s also about careful strategy and planning for the best consumer journey. This is what makes the difference between an unimpressed user and a customer for life.

PUMA Products and Promos

Working closely with PUMA across many digital advertising services, we already knew the theme, brand voice and style to make PUMA’s email marketing stand out from the rest. 

We’ve seen great success for PUMA with our email strategy. The industry average open rate and click-through rate is 19% and 1.4%, respectively. This might seem low but when your email list is tens of thousands of addresses (as it often is) then these percentages amount to a lot of people. 

After engaging with us, PUMA’s average open rate increased to 22.3% and the click-through rate to 2.1%. Both of these are higher than the industry average, which means the emails are being noticed more and converting more than emails from similar retailers. The results? Massive success.


increase in revenue from email 3 month period vs. the previous 3 months

Puma AFL Player Page view on Phone
Two Scoops Email Marketing

Tantalising Toys for Two Scoops

We created visually awesome EDMs for toy brand Two Scoops.

We utilised bold colours to get the user’s attention and careful hierarchy to convey the most important messages before the fold and encourage scrolling and conversions.

By making the toy imagery the hero of the emails and knowing when less copy is more effective, we were able to draw in customers and create visually stimulating emails with a higher chance of converting. Doesn’t it make you want to start shopping

Organising EDMs for Daily Orders

Email strategy can sometimes be the forgotten service in the digital marketing family. But once it’s engaged, the results speak for themselves.

After getting awesome results for Daily Orders through their paid and organic social and search, they asked us to take on email marketing as well. By utilising their brand voice and re-engaging their existing database, we increased their sales through a series of emails. 

The success we achieved meant an open rate of 24% (5% higher than the industry average) and a click-through rate of 2.6% (1.3% higher than the industry average). And like we already said, these small percentage increases make for big increases in revenue.


increase in revenue from email 3 month period vs. the previous 3 months

Daily Orders Website Easter Day Event Ads

Email marketing can be difficult to get right. There’s a lot to consider if you want fully optimised, designed and well written emails for a higher chance of conversion. 

But the reward for pulling it off? Totally worth it. Speak to the email marketing experts today about implementing the power of EDMs for your business.

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