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Delivering a website to enhance the brand and its breadth of services

G &V Logistics is an Australian logistics, transportation, supply chain and storage company that covers Victoria and extends throughout Australia. The business needed to focus on offering a high-quality service via its cutting-edge facility and logistics services.


Whilst the company was enjoying success, they saw the need to enhance their brand by enlisting the services of our team in creating a website that reflected the true scale of the business.

Laptop and Phone displaying G&V's Website Services

The Challenge

This was a complete redesign and rebuild of the G&V Logistics website to better reflect the wider scope of their business, their fleet capacity and capture a larger slice of the potential customer base. There was a realisation that the business was suffering from limited brand awareness which gave our team the opportunity to make a real and lasting difference by maximising all available assets.

The Approach

A strategic look was needed to make a more engaging and effective calling card of the new website. The redesign needed to show that G&V Logistics was not a small ‘backyard’ enterprise and could illustrate all its strengths through the range of services it offers. A concise and engaging website layout was chosen to attract more attention and build trust in the quality that the business is dedicated to bringing to each client.

G&V Logistics Website on Computer
G&V Warehouse and Storage Arrangement

The Outcomes

  • A complete rebuilt website with stronger and clearer branding
  • Showcased the different services on offer
  • Provided a website that delivers better engagement 
  • Demonstrated the scope and scale of the business
  • Promotes the business for both potential clients and new employees
  • Fosters the opportunity to build long term customer relationships
GV Logistic Website After Transformation
GV Logistic Website Before Transformation

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