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Supporting Nurses

The Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association is the peak professional body for nurses working in primary health care. Their core values include sustainability, leadership and education in the health care sector, with a specific focus on nursing. 

ANPA wanted to reinvigorate their user base and grow to include new members. They engaged us with a large retainer of hours that allowed us to work across digital advertising, SEO, landing page creation, design and email. 

By utilising us across multiple services we have ensured not only great results but a completely cohesive brand.

Brave New World

APNA needed an agency that could work across multiple points of contact — from landing pages to creative copy. At Emote, we offer a wide range of digital services which made us the perfect fit for this client. 

Previously APNA had used traditional media for advertising and were therefore new to the wealth of opportunity that digital offers. This meant that they needed an agency who could not only offer fully managed marketing services but also teach their internal teams. We were more than happy to help out.

The Approach

Get The Word Out

The benefits of utilising a digital marketing retainer are numerous. It allowed us to move across a number of areas and give any pain points the most focus.

From the beginning, we chose to target a range of audiences and channels to find where we would have the best success. After achieving great results on the small scale we rolled out with a focus on the channels that brought us the top results. 

This involved targeting our key demographics including nurses and other medical workers in specific areas. We also found high rates of success targeting establishments where APNA members work. This allowed us to create precise messaging that resonated with the right audience. 

It didn’t just stop at digital. We created a wealth of seamless advertising and creative that we ended up handing over to APNA for creation of collateral items such as flyers. 

We also provided training support for any areas that our client felt they needed, so that their team was always up to date with our activities. This included teaching them how to schedule Facebook campaigns and check results to ensure that they were fully understood. We are never afraid to answer any and all questions from our clients.

APNA Instagram Advertising Mobile View

Landing Page

While APNA is the primary brand, there were also a number of sub-brand projects that required our focus. One of these was the Infection Prevention Helpline. They came to us to design and create copy for a landing page as well as a complimentary digital campaign. 

We love working on projects that make a difference to the world. This was one such project. The IPH was key to preventing infection outbreaks in businesses in Victoria during the COVID pandemic.

Have a look at our beautifully designed landing page below. With simple visuals and clear copy it conveys information without any confusion.

Apna Health Digital Website Advertising Landing Page

The Outcome

Tip Top Shape

We saw powerful results for APNA, easily hitting our member growth targets with a combination of successful campaigns across Facebook, LinkedIn and Google. 

By having a clear idea of our target base we ensured that we both reinvigorated the existing base and grew to include new members. One of the key reasons for our great results was also SEO optimisation across their site. This allowed the site to rank highly when searching for related terms with the bonus of driving more traffic to the website. 

The final piece of the puzzle was the landing pages and email projects which allowed APNA, and it’s sub-brands to coalesce into a professional, approachable brand. 

We are excited to keep working with this growing organisation that works on Australia’s medical front line. 


increase in website traffic since working together (6 month period)


overall website conversion rate


Most member sign ups ever received from one campaign

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