WooCommerce vs Magento: Are you wondering why everyone is using WooCommerce?

At Emote Digital we have produced award winning eCommerce websites on both WooCommerce and Magento and know each platform inside and out. So why did we end up dropping Magento and specialising solely in WooCommerce?


WooCommerce has a very solid foundation on WordPress which makes it extremely manageable and it’s much easier to pinpoint and squash bugs should they occur. In contrast, Magento is an extremely large platform which makes it very difficult to manage every in and out of the platform. It can be extremely tough to squash all the bugs and new ones seem to pop-up all the time.

Flexible & Expandable

Thanks to the solid WordPress back-end you can power your website, blog and eCommerce store all from the same backend, easily. As it is the world’s most used eCommerce platform backed by the world’s most used content management system, there are thousands of plugin options to expand the platform. As you grow, WooCommerce can grow with you.


With a WooCommerce website built by quality WooCommerce experts, the performance of your eCommerce website can consistently and easily out perform the most optimised Magento websites. Importantly, this is all without the need of a hefty yearly license fee to get “enterprise” features.


WooCommerce was bought in 2016 by Automattic, a large company responsible for some of the most used WordPress plugins in the world as well as WordPress.com which powers some of the biggest websites including CNN, Time, TED, NBC Sports and more. This backing means there are regular updates to the platform, driving frequent feature additions and upgrades. With the right WooCommerce expert built theme you can easily keep up to date with the latest releases without bringing the entire website down.


We provide a two year warranty for every WooCommerce website we build. As a company, we want our clients to be able to rely on their site. We can only provide this certainty for sites built on a stable platform like WooCommerce. You can say goodbye to costly service level agreements for website fixes caused by unstable platforms.


Making a beautiful and functional site is key to building trust and achieving incredible conversion rates. Over the past three years we have won 29 awards for our websites, including winning best studio in the Melbourne Design Awards 2016.

So what does that all mean?

It is clear why over 41% of eCommerce websites are powered by WooCommerce compared to only 5% by Magento. WooCommerce provides a hugely flexible, stable and cost effective foundation which, with the right team to execute, can drive impressive conversion rates for businesses of all sizes.

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