Call Dynamics shine a light on ALL of your leads

This works well for email leads, click to call functionality on websites and online enquiry forms, as you can see exactly what channel those leads come through, and then make specific business marketing decisions based on this.

The question then becomes, where do the leads come from if someone picks up the phone and dials your number? This is the final piece of the puzzle as a marketer or business owner.

Businesses try to do this themselves by asking the caller where they saw the brand or heard an advertisement when they call through. Unfortunately you’re still then relying on someone remembering where they saw your brand in order to relay that to you. Human error will always be a factor and can be covered by specific data.

Services like Call Dynamics take the guesswork out of it by showing a specific number on your website to individual users. That number is then tracked using code implemented under the hood of your website, in order to trace back the source of the caller and even down to the keyword and previous browsing history or enquiry of that caller.

With a free trial available, locally based customer support and cost effective pricing starting from $40 per month, industry-leading companies like Acquire Learning and Colliers International are using Call Dynamics to help shed light on their leads. This helps optimise their marketing towards what works, instead of guessing.

As a business that receives phone calls, you’re not getting the full picture unless you are tracking your calls using a tracking service like Call DynamicsSpeak to us today about how we can help implement call tracking for your business.

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