Why use Magento?

“Magento is a robust, scalable and highly customisable eCommerce solution. Offering connectivity facilities to external system such as stock management and accounting. Plus, eBay bought it last year so it must be good!”

So, with the obvious statement above out the way, I’d like to explain why we like it here at Emote Digital. Firstly, Magento isn’t for everyone, if a client is selling a small selection of products then it is a bit overkill! For small solutions we generally build small custom applications or select a hosted solution such as Shopify. However, for all other scenarios we select Magento.

So why Magento, well it’s all about the scalability and future proofing for our clients. With the change in retail over recent years where online is the most important shop window, clients want assurances that the decisions they make now will still suit there growing needs next year and the year after. Since we can’t see in the future and as with all technologies on the Internet, I’m sure that something else will come along. However, as it stands, Magento is to top of the list and puts them in the best position.

Now I’m not going to list out all the standard features here such as promotion codes, voucher codes, stock and product management and order reporting and bore you. Maybe just go off to magento and read for yourself. Then if you need someone to build it… You know where we are!

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