What does it take to be mobile?

Mobile is not just the flavour of the month. It is the new frontier where fortunes will be made and lost as well as countless brands and identities lost into the digital ether. With the likes of Facebook planning to have 200 plus mobile engineers employed by the end of the year to the latest statistics showing that China has surpassed the US as the word’s major smartphone market it is hard to ignore that business is going mobile.

With this in mind it is vital to get your mobile strategy right. As with the advent of social networks it was easy to launch a presence. Creating and engaging a meaningful community became the real challenge and only the companies with the time and resources that created and executed a social media strategy prospered. This will be no different with mobile and we can already see a similar pattern emerging. There are countless apps and mobile optimized experiences on the market…how may of these are relevant, include engaging content and are easy to find?

A more sophisticated way of thinking is necessary if your brand is to prosper. It’s not about mobile, it’s more about mobility. Mobility means information, convenience and social all served up on the go across a variety of screen sizes and devices. Mobile does not necessarily mean requiring an app. Avoid the temptation to ‘app’ everything. Think about the requirements of your digital experience. Which context will be required as it traverses the digital eco-system. A digital experience should suit the device it is being consumed on. The context will determine whether the experience will work or not.

One you have your context determined the user experience should follow as it is intimately connected. The best user experiences allow a brand to be integrated into their lives. Company’s like Pinterest have created simple and engaging sites that tap deep into a human being’s psyche utilizing effective web styling, in particular endless scrolling to create experiences that are emotional and long lasting.

Spend the time and effort in creating your mobile strategy. There isn’t any reason why you can’t be become a meaningful and addictive part of your target market’s life and at Emote Digital we can show you how!

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