What’s Coming Up Next

‘What’s Coming Up Next’ is a blog post which features technology I think will be interesting to the average person and will most likely be adopted in the near future in the same capacity as smartphone and tablets.


Active Wear

Smart watches have been around for a few years now from the likes of Samsung, Sony and Pebble. The tech and geek community has mainly adopted these products but the common folk have stayed relatively away from them. A preview of a new player in this market – namely Google – will definitely bring smart watches into the I-might-need-one-of-those domain.

There are some bits in the preview video below, which show the potential for it to become the next big thing.


Car Play

It was only a matter of time before smartphone and automotive technology would merge and create a new product feature. Currently, the method to connect your smartphone to your car stereo is via Bluetooth or a cable. This enables you to play your music collection via the car’s sound system or to receive and make calls. But now, Apple has gone to bed with a few car companies to create CarPlay.

CarPlay brings the familiar-to-many IOS ecosystem into the car. Features like Siri, Maps, Music and many more apps are included. This will definitely help stop the need to fiddle with our phones while driving (we all do that) and make our roads a safer place. Check out the video below.

Street Lights

Staying with the automotive theme, a company in the Netherlands has come up with an innovative idea to create a bright paint mixture for road markings. It is still in infant stages of development with some issues to resolve. If they were able to resolve the issue in version 2.0, this technology would eventually be rolled out onto our roads.

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