Petting Zoo

Here at Emote, we love seeing how creatives who primarily work in traditional mediums push their work into the digital realm. Last year renowned illustrator Christoph Neimann – whose work can frequently be found gracing the pages of ‘The New Yorker’ decided that he wanted to create a picture book book – but instead of going down the traditional path, he created an app called ‘Petting Zoo’ in which 21 of his simple but iconic line illustrations react in different ways when stroked, tapped and swiped.

We imagine that this would have posed huge challenges for the illustrator and developers alike – however all the hard work paid off and the app quickly became the #1 overall app in over 20 countries (We were even more impressed when we read that Neimann learnt coding especially for the project!)


So consequently, Neimann has not only managed to push picture books into the digital spectrum in an interactive and engaging way that be equally enjoyed by children and adults alike – but has surely paved the way for many digital publications to follow. Consider us fans!

Neimann also wrote an article for the New Yorker on the creative process for his Petting Zoo app.

Petting Zoo can be purchased from the app store.

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