What Are Wireframes and Why Are They Important?

For those unfamiliar with the website design process, the development of a website may seem overwhelming. There can be terminology and processes that are confusing, and the steps involved may not initially make sense.

Today we’re here to run you through the importance of the wireframe process and why this step is a vital part of any website build.

What Is a Wireframe?

Much like the blueprints of a house, wireframes are the first important step in the design of a website, they layout the plans and show how each section will function.

Wireframes are a functional representation of the end product – a black and white skeleton that outlines page layout, features, navigation and areas where a website can convert.

Wireframe doesn’t contain any final design features, such as fonts, images, colours or logos – it’s purely a functional template.

Why Bother with Wireframes?

You might wonder why we bother creating this basic framework rather than jumping straight into the design. The wireframe process allows us to display the site architecture and explore possibilities without needlessly investing time into building something that will inevitably change. Wireframes ensure everyone is on the same page before intensive design work takes place.

Wireframes are also the perfect opportunity to brush up on other terminology and features of websites if you’re not across the lingo. It’s a great way for you to visualise areas such as conversion spots, hero images and integrations.

Understanding User Experience

We pride ourselves on the user experiences we create for clients. This is one of the fundamental areas of website design, and it’s also something that comes to life during the wireframe process.

The wireframes create a tangible and interactive vessel for you to explore the usability, navigation and logic of your website.

A demonstration of wireframe functionality.  

You’ll be able to interact with the wireframe and experience a rudimentary version of the final product. This is also a great time to establish any scalability you want on the site, for instance if you currently have a limited product range with plans to grow it.

Enables a Smooth Design Process

Once the wireframes have been approved and signed off on, the design process can begin. This step progresses much faster and smoother when all the logistical solutions have been established in the wireframes.

With client, designers and agency on the same page, everyone will understand what the end product looks like, how it functions and its purpose.

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