Meet Emote Digital’s New SEO Specialist and Discover His Top SEO Tips

The team at Emote Digital has been rapidly growing in recent weeks, boosting the already excellent knowledge and skill base with have in-house.

Joining us is Anuj Gupta, who is Emote Digital’s new SEO Specialist – working with digital clients to achieve beautiful results$1TM. With a Masters in Marketing and over a decade of experience, Anuj is a motivated and highly skilled addition to our team.

Here’s a few key words from Anuj:

What Do You Do at Emote?

As a SEO Specialist, I help Emote Digital’s SEO clients reach their potential customers. To make this happen, I analyse, review and implement changes to their websites so they are optimised for search engines – eventually resulting in improved traffic to their site through positioning within search engines.

What Is Your Professional Background?

I have a Masters degree in Marketing and 10+ years of professional experience in online marketing – including SEO, Pay Per Click and Affiliate marketing. The professional qualities I believe I possess are my problem-solving skills, self-motivation and confidence in myself.

What Do You like Doing for Fun?

I am an avid reader of innovations, motivation and spiritual subjects. A book I have read multiple times and which always gives me life is “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda.

Apart from reading, I enjoy spending time with my daughters, nothing matches the fun I have playing with my little munchkins.

What Are Your Top Three Tips for 2018?

    1. Content is king – Write what adds value to the reader’s knowledge, not only is this great for SEO optimisation, but it will encourage readers to return to and trust your business.
    2. User experience – Put web objects in obvious positions, having a website flow and make sense to your audience is a key aspect for keeping them engaged and on your page.
    3. Page speed –  Speed is something that plays an important role now, and into the future. As technologies and techniques continue to progress you can always optimise your page to be faster and to remain current.

To find out more about how Anuj can help your business flourish with SEO, contact Emote Digital today.

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