The Social Media Changes That Could Affect Your Business in 2019

Social media is always changing, whether it’s an updated interface or a whole new set of policies. This not only changes the user experience, but can be a real challenge for anyone who manages a social media account. It’s important to stay up-to-date on any and all changes for every social media platform you use, no matter how big or small they might be.

2018 saw so many major changes across Facebook, Twitter and more, and chances are they affected you business in some way. To make sure you’re not caught out, take a look at some of the social media changes you can expect in 2019.

Changes Coming to Facebook in 2019

Facebook’s got some big things planned for the year ahead, and they’re definitely going to affect business owners.

All Facebook pages will now by rated by the new Page Quality Tab. This will detail any community violations made by your page’s posts, as well as any misleading content. This is an effort to make Facebook’s decisions more transparent as well as encourage Facebook page managers to comply with the platform’s guidelines. Now is the time for business owners to tighten up not just the kind of content they share on their pages, but who has posting privileges.

There’s also been talk of Facebook integrating Facebook Messenger with WhatsApp and Instagram, allowing people to message each other through the separate platforms. If this merger goes through, that would mean people who don’t have an Instagram or Facebook account will now be able to contact your business’ profiles through WhatsApp.

Changes Coming to Twitter in 2019

Any business owner who’s ever tweeted the wrong thing has wished they could have gone back in time just ten seconds to undo their actions. Well, that might soon be a possibility.

Twitter chief Jack Dorsey has been dropping hints about allowing a short delay (think seconds) between publishing a tweet and when it goes live, meaning a hasty tweet could be undone before it can cause any damage.

Another feature that may be in the works is a status indicator that will let users know if you’re online or not. This means business owners won’t have any excuses to not reply to their followers’ questions.

Changes Coming to Instagram in 2019

Good news for businesses with Instagram accounts: it’s now easier than ever to switch between accounts on your device without having to sign out.

Forget signing in and out of multiple accounts, keeping track of your many passwords and the pain of accidentally posting the wrong thing to the wrong account. Instagram now allows you to easily switch between accounts in the Instagram app without having to sign out. Finally!

Can’t keep up with all these changes and how they affect your business? Our social media team are always informed of all the latest updates and how they affect you. Get in touch now and see how we can help keep you in the loop.

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