6 Tips to Make Your Business Succeed on Social

We’re sure you’re more than familiar with the advertising potential of Facebook (and if you’re not, you can read all about it here). But that’s only one small element of what social media can do for your business. If done right, social media can help your business to grow in ways you never knew were possible.

Of course, you have to put in the right measures for social media to work as it should. Luckily, we’re here to let you know the six most important tips to make your business succeed on social.

1. Have All Your Bases Covered

Here’s a potentially depressed fact: the best idea you’ve ever had for a business name won’t work if you can’t claim the corresponding social media handles. So unless you want your customers to go on an Instagram search page treasure hunt to find your accounts, you’d better start claiming those handles.

You should be setting up Instagram and Facebook accounts with your business name as soon as possible, and don’t hesitate to look into other platforms like Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. Better to be safe than paying out the nose to buy out that social media handle— and yes, this does happen.

If your social media accounts are already set up, make sure all your information is kept updated. This includes phone numbers, business hours and any other crucial details.

2. Know Your Brand’s Personality

Your Facebook page is more than a listing in a business directory. It’s how you show the world your brand’s unique personality.

Don’t be afraid to communicate that personality to your customers. If your business was a person, how would they speak? What would they want to share? Get creative in how your brand expresses itself.

3. Don’t Neglect the Social Aspect

It’s called social media for a reason, after all. If someone comments, respond. If someone send you a message, reply— and fast. Let your customers know they’re heard and that you appreciate them reaching out to you.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to other brands, either. This will do wonders for your reputation in your industry.

4. Don’t Get Lost in the Algorithm

When it comes to social media, the worst thing you can do is set-and-forget. Social media does require active participation and daily monitoring, which is why so many people choose to hire a professional to manage their accounts for them.

At the very least, you should make regular posts to avoid becoming a victim of the algorithm. Each social media platform is different, but one thing they almost all have in common is punishing accounts who post too rarely by making them invisible to their own audience. You don’t want this to happen.

5. Spend Your Money (and Time) Wisely

Social media can be made even powerful with a little financial incentive, but that doesn’t mean investing money will make your posts go viral. You need to know what to boost and when to reach the right people. For example, it makes a lot more sense to boost your best performing Facebook post, rather than throwing money at a post no one seems to be engaging with.

Likewise, your time can be just as valuable as money. Set aside dedicated time each day and week to plan and manage your accounts. This is a much better approach than looking at your phone every few minutes and feeling like social media is taking up all your time.

6. Have a Strategy

Knowing what you’re doing with social media is about more than having the best hashtag game. It’s a matter of knowing what you’re trying to achieve, how you’re going to do it and how you’ll know when you get there.

Set tangible milestones for your social media. Regularly check in with your insights to monitor things like engagement, followers and any other indicators. Don’t be afraid to pivot your strategy to reach where you need to go.

Not sure how to go about this? That’s what our social media team are here for. They’ll take care of everything from account curation to campaign management to help your business succeed on social. Reach out to us here at Emote Digital today to get started.

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