How Important Is Facebook for Businesses in 2019?

Despite the many advantages that Facebook brings, countless business owners are still resistant to using the social media platform. What’s so bad about using this free service that people would be so reluctant to use it? And is Facebook still important for businesses? Let’s break it down.

The Problem with Facebook for Businesses

“Facebook doesn’t work.”

“Facebook just makes you spend money. Why should I spend money on a free service?”

“I don’t have time to run a Facebook page for my business.”

These are undoubtedly the most common complaints from business owners who don’t want to play the Facebook game. Yes, it’s true that Facebook can demand a big investment of your time and even money as a business owner. But it’s so much more than a necessary evil. It’s actually an amazing tool for growing your business.

Why Your Business Needs the Facebook Factor

You’ve no doubt heard about the amazing marketing benefits of Facebook advertising. But did you know that you can grow your business with organic social media, too?

Customers nowadays will often search for a brand’s social media handles as their first point of research. Simply having a Facebook page helps to make your business relevant. On the other hand, not having a Facebook page damages your credibility.

As hard as it might be to accept, if you want to have a successful business, then avoiding Facebook is no longer an option. Refusing to have a Facebook page makes your business invisible to a huge amount of potential customers.

What If You Don’t Want to Deal with Facebook?

The pros of having a Facebook page for your business definitely outweigh the cons. But if you really don’t want to have to deal with Facebook and run a business at the same time, you do have options.

Having someone dedicated to setting up, planning and managing your social media accounts — including Facebook — saves you time and even money (no more lost customers because of your lack of Facebook page!). From increasing engagement to community management, a social media manager can take care of all your Facebook needs. A worthwhile investment indeed.

Get in touch with the social media team at Emote and let us take care of the important stuff. From content curation to optimising engagement, we’ve got the skills to set you on the path to social media success.

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