So, What’s a Web App?

Chances are you already know the answer to that question, you just don’t realise it. Nowadays it’s hard not to use web apps in your daily life.

Every day we check our emails using Gmail, edit documents in Google Drive. We look at website traffic in analytics, or we can listen to music playlists, all from within the web browser!

So what makes a website become a web-app? It’s kind of a gray area, but basically, if you are *doing* something, that is, interacting or editing what you see on the page, chances are you are using a web app and not just your ordinary every-day website.

There are those web apps that are easy to spot out, like Gmail, or your online banking. Where all of the content is tailored around you, and you are meant to interact with it and use it just like you would use software installed on your computer.

But nowadays its really hard to tell apart ordinary websites from web apps, since many ordinary websites have interactive portions to them. You might have a website that shows off your companies amazing products, but also have a part of the site where the user is meant to interact: a shopping cart, a purchase page, or even a part of the site where the user should log in to track their orders.

So what’s so special about web apps?

Well, if they are cool, useful, and easy to use, they can be amazing and help us accomplish things from anywhere!

A lot of thought has to go into making them though… It’s not just about how they look. It has to *feel*┬áright. It’s gotta be intuitive, non-threatening, it has to be snappy and load quickly. With web apps, it’s not just about the design and the content… the experience of using it is a huge factor.

A good web app helps us achieve things, quickly, easily, and from anywhere.

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