Gettin’ Big With ExHail

Now some people may not know what it is that I do everyday in the lonely ExHail Department, from a distance it may seem that I’m interchanging between Facebook, Twitter, Reddit & other click-bait sites all day.

However work is being done, I’ve tried to break it down in a way that might be a bit easier to understand.

So for a second, pretend you’re at the gym and ExHail (Jason & I) confidently strut in, only wearing a stringlet & short shorts purchased from a recent trip to Thailand.

On the surface ExHail seems to be the guy in the gym who only works out the glamour muscles like biceps, shoulders & pecs (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) whilst going missing when leg day and cardio sessions come around.

Sure, every now then you can see me working on my core (Adwords) so my abs can become more visible and we start to attract a bit more attention (conversions) from the singles & curious in the room.

But under the surface, the work you don’t see, like the early morning cardio & bikram yoga sessions (SEO & link building) are starting to make more of an impact. I may have started out middle of the range in the gym (google search) but now I’m rapidly becoming the stud (top of the organic search) everyone stops and stares at when it’s time to hit the squat rack.

Put them all together and you obviously have one finely tuned product!

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