SEO: Google Wants a Good User Experience

If I had a dollar for every time someone┬ásaid to me “I don’t know how to write the content for SEO with all the keywords etc.” I would have at least $17.50… This comment stems from a very old mentality where Google’s old algorithm wasn’t very smart and needed specifics in order to rank you where it thought you belong.

The goal for Google has always been to give the users the website that is most accurate to the search. This is why a number of websites that did search engine optimisation┬áthe old school way are now getting punished. Today Google’s algorithm is super smart is is quickly learning the difference between a SEO’d beast and a website where the user gets what they need easily and quickly. What this means is, if you make a good website for the user, it will automatically be a good website for Google.

In future posts I will address each of the following points in more detail, but here are the keys to making a good user experience to in turn benefit your ranking on Google:

  1. It’s about topic density not keyword density
  2. How you structure your website content is critical
  3. Host the website where your user base is, and keep it lean
  4. Recency and frequency of content is important.

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