Google Adwords: Why you need to do Adwords Even if you Rank Organically

Good job, you’re number 1 for every phrase in the world for your brand! (This definitely isn’t the case, but let’s pretend that you are). You say “Jason, why would I pay for ads when I already rank organically and can get the clicks for free?”.

Well that is a good question. What you’re saying to me is that every single person on Google clicks on the first organic result they see. Hmmm. Let’s be realistic here. A Google result is way more complicated than this. The first 2 or 3 results a person sees is usually (depending on the phrase) ads for your competitors. A user will usually see these first before they even look at your brand. The alternative is they see your brand, then they scroll their eyes down to see your brand again. The ultimate is when you have your Adwords ad, organic result and places or shopping result all together, they can’t miss you then.

With Google Adwords as well you can try out different titles, descriptions and extensions to let Google find out which combinations get you the most conversions. This give you more messages and opportunity to find out what wording works best for finding the right customers.

Let’s go back to the first sentence of this blog. Realistically you’re not ranking #1 for all your search phrases, so Google Adwords allows you to also target the ones you’re not #1 on.

I addition to all of this, Google Shopping is a great way for users to search for products online seeing pricing and details all in one place. This feature is only available to Google Adwords customers.

I’m not done yet. Google Adwords also offers banner ads services as well as re-marketing. You can trigger banner ads to show on industry sites all over the web which is much more cost effective than going direct to some of these sites (as they almost always over-charge). Re-marketing allows you to target banner and text ads to a specific segment of users that have visited your website. This may be people that visited and didn’t enquire/buy, people that visited more than 5 days ago and didn’t come back, people that purchased more than 5 days ago and so much more. Google Adwords re-marketing tool is super powerful.

If I still haven’t convinced you that you need to be doing it, there is a stack of new features coming out over the next 12 months that should get you over the line.

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