Emote Digital has a new wordsmith, find out more about him and his top content insights for 2018

This year there have been some solid improvements at Emote Digital, we’ve added to our team in three key areas, bolstering the already impressive knowledge and talent base we have in-house.

Not just a period of change amongst our ranks – these new additions are a statement of intent for the future.

Charlie Braithwaite is Emote Digital’s new Copywriter. With millions of views to his name as a professional writer, Charlie has a strong profile in both media and marketing circles. He’s worked for agencies on international campaigns and for some of Australia’s leading publications as a journalist, striking a killer balance between plying his trade for entertainment purposes and with strategy in mind. Before he came to us he was writing for Fairfax print publications, and we couldn’t be happier having his prowess as a wordsmith at our disposal.

Without further delay, let’s find out a bit more about Charlie.

What do you do at Emote?

I’m  the copywriter, which is basically like being a human version of the MS Word paperclip. I create all kinds of content, both internally and for clients. This includes branding work for Bellman, writing website copy, creating blogs, print advertising, and captions for social media posts.

What do you like doing for fun?

Is it incredibly lame to say that I spend most of my time reading when I’m not writing? Other than that I am very much into video games – when I’m not glued to a screen at work I’m usually glued to a screen at home.

What is your pet hate?

My pet hate is actually to do with pets. I have a rabbit and a dog at home, so a lot of time I’m cleaning up after one of them. Rabbits are possibly the messiest animals in the world.

What are your top three tips for 2018?

1) Get writing – Seriously. I’ve encountered so many business owners over my career who have complained that their blog doesn’t work, yet they only upload a post every six months. Generating fresh content has so many benefits. In fact, I’ve already outlined the importance of fresh content for businesses on the Emote blog!

2) Talk to a content expert – No, this isn’t me sneaking in a sell. Talking to someone who works in content is a great way to diagnose issues your brand or site may have. The language you use to describe your business is incredibly important, and a lot of people won’t even be aware of mistakes or inconsistencies their collateral may have. A copy audit can go a long way.

3) Don’t be afraid of trying out new forms of content – Variety is always a good thing, and this applies for copy too. A balance between short form and long form blogs can breathe new life into your business. Look at creating profile pieces on your employees (like this), have people from your team author opinion pieces, or experiment with videos. It all helps drive engagement!

If you want to find out how Charlie can use content to help your business growget in touch with Emote today.

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