Learn more about Emote Digital’s new social media whiz-kid and discover his expert advice for 2018

This year there have been some solid improvements at Emote Digital, we’ve added to our team in three key areas, bolstering the already impressive knowledge and talent base we have in-house.

Not just a period of change amongst our ranks – these new additions are a statement of intent for the future.

Tommy Kuo has joined us as a Social Media Strategist. Tommy is a social media ninja, selected by us because he is a proven wonder kid with all things digital. Tommy has previously worked as Media and Marketing Manager for a not-for-profit and as a freelance photographer, and he has a proven affinity with the platforms he harnesses for Emote and our clients. In the short time he has been with us we’ve already seen the exceptional levels of skill and passion Tommy brings to the team.

Without further delay, let’s hear from Tommy.

What do you do at Emote? 

I handle all things social media at Emote. This includes managing pages for clients, creating content, thinking of captions, taking pictures, editing videos, and creating animations. I also help make recommendations for pay per click advertising.

What do you like doing for fun?

I am keen on portrait and fashion photography, most weekends I’m out on a photoshoot or editing pictures. I also play soccer if I have the time!

What is your spirit animal? 

I’ve been told an owl, because people say I’m wise, but always in the background observing. Another friend says I’m like a wolf, mysterious, independent and protective.

What are your top three tips for 2018?

1) Get your business out there on social media – Social media is the landscape of the internet right now, everything revolves around social media, it’s how we connect. For businesses it’s the best platform for finding new customers and building networks. If you’re not already utilising your social media pages with business growth in mind, what are you waiting for?

2) Get serious about Instagram – Don’t look at Instagram as merely a gallery; you can use it to gain leads and conversions. The platform can bring lots of people who are interested in a specific topic in easily, and for any business that can be very beneficial.

3) Look at your social presence with design in mind – My approach to social media comes from a designer’s perspective. Not every feed is well laid out, and from my perspective things can be functional and beautiful at the same time. You can have things that are functional for your business, but look great at the same time.

If you want to discuss your social media needs and how Tommy can help your business grow, get in touch with Emote today.

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