Meet Raphy, Emote Digital’s expert in training

At Emote Digital we like to help young talent grow, which is why we offer internships. By bringing upcoming marketing superstars into our agency we hope to share our skills and expertise with them, but also learn from their unique perspectives.

Raphy is the latest addition to the team, so let’s hear from her and what she hopes to accomplish at Emote Digital:

Hi! My name is Raphy (short for Raphaëlle), and I am a student from Paris doing a three-month internship at Emote Digital.

How did you come across Emote?

The course I am doing is bilingual, (English and French) and requires me to complete an internship overseas. Having lived in Australia for 13 years before moving to France, I could not have thought of a better country to go to! So I sent cover letters and resumes to all agencies across Melbourne and before I knew it, I found Emote, which I thought to be perfect.

What do you want to do with your time here?

I’m only in my second year of studies (out of four), so I would like to get to know each and every domain that makes up a digital agency, as well as improve my skills in InDesign and Illustrator. I would also like to sit in on meetings to see the preparation behind each one, foreseeing each client’s needs and objectives.

What are you studying?

I study International Global Communications at a school called ISCOM. My classes are in English, which helps me get a greater vision on brand communication overseas. My courses mostly revolve around management and communication. They range from copywriting and digital advertising, through to IT skills – so extremely relevant to Emote!

What are the top three things that you have learnt at Emote so far?

Since I’ve arrived, I have been working a lot with the Social Media Strategist, Tommy. The first thing he showed me was how to create a social media calendar. Each and every photo posted on a platform such as Instagram is prepared months in advance. It’s our job to chose which pictures are appropriate in order to represent the client and design them so that they appear as attractive as possible. This is extremely useful to me because in preparation of these specific pictures, I am able to improve my IT Skills as well as learn many more.

My first week at Emote, I was able to participate in the photo shoot of a client’s product. The picture taken was of a powder being poured into a glass of water. I learnt a lot during the photo shoot; each and every aspect has to meet the standard of perfection. Therefore, it takes a lot of time and effort! I also learnt a great amount on Photoshop, (the application used to make the picture perfect).

I have become very accustomed to using WordPress. It was a website that I wasn’t quite familiar with before. Now that I am using it almost every day, I’m able to understand all of its functions. This will help me in the future if I ever need to build a website of my own.

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