It’s Not Difficult to be Social…

Social media is arguably the most effective marketing and communication tool available for business (large & small) in 2014 and the best part about it, is that you can do it for *free!

So why is it that so many are either doing such a bad job at it that their Facebook wall looks like the string of angry messages your ex has left you after she found out what really happened during your gap year in Southern Europe or even worse it looks like a complete ghost town.

Earlier today I was searching for my Telco on Facebook as any other attempt to get through to them proved to be quite difficult, when looking through the page which hasn’t been updated since August and had an overall 2 star rating, I began to wonder if they even bothered to respond to their consumers by telephone, let alone social media. Have they given up due to lack of conversions, bad engagement or have they gone out of business?

Sure enough the page was littered with feedback like this…


Bad reviews are part and parcel of getting involved with social media, however the worst stance a company can take is not responding to the bad reviews at all, let alone providing an answer for these angry customers.

Now here is an example of a small business that has taken the step on sourcing social media management through an external resource rather than giving it to the work experience kid that week. Even though the work can look quite simple, well thought out engagement and reengagement with consumers through social media is a sure fire way to keep a client for life. So just do it!


* Or get it done by a really good agency for a small fee 🙂

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