Brick & Mortar Adwords

Recently I wrote a post about the need for retailers to leverage digital more effectively in their brick and mortar stores. Interestingly enough a few weeks back Patrick and I went to the Google Masterclass for Google Partners and this seems like an area they’re poised to take on.

In the coming months brick and mortar retailers will be able to advertise their products on Adwords without having to have an online store. This is big.

Currently, if you have an online store you can send a feed of all your products to Google which will allow Google to show ads for specific products in their shopping tab as well as standard search results, complete with picture and pricing. In a coming update you will be able to do the same for your brick and mortar stores – meaning if I search for a product, Google will show me that you have that product and the nearest location of where I can get (and opening hours). Not only this, but you can even provide stock levels for each store to Google so I can know that you have it in stock before I rush off to buy it.

The reason this is so important is because sometimes something is urgent and you want/need it now. If you don’t know where sells it, you Google it… To have your store come up as an option for nearby customers looking for something you stock is priceless. Well, not priceless, it will come at a cost. But it will be a great way to leverage Google search for you brick and mortar store.

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