Emote Digital’s New Digital Project and Account Manager Shares His Industry Insights

The team at Emote Digital has been rapidly growing this year – allowing us to exceed the already excellent level of service we provide our clients.

Joining us recently is Manny Tzardis, who sits in our digital projects team, working with eCommerce and website clients to achieve beautiful results.

Here’s a little more about Manny from the man(ny) himself:

What Do You Do at Emote?

I am a Project and Account Manager, working alongside our Digital Projects Director, Brendon Wright. In this role I help clients with the completion of ongoing projects and assist with enquiries.

What Is Your Professional Background?

Throughout my career I’ve held Project and Relationship Management roles.

Who Is Your Role Model and Why?

Arnold Schwarzenegger – he is the embodiment of hard work and dedication, coming from nothing to having everything he ever wanted out of life. Plus his movies are great!

What Do You like Doing for Fun?

Spending time with family and friends, and relaxing with a good TV show or movie. Bonus points if it’s a Schwarzenegger film.

What Are Your Top Three Tips for Clients Looking to Build a Website?

  1. Be prompt and clear when communicating – Projects can be delayed due to multiple instances of going back and forth to clarify feedback etc. So make sure when communicating it is detailed, thorough and timely.
  2. If you are unsure of what is expected of you just ask! – With any sized build, each party involved knows what is expected of them. Most of the time you will need to provide the team with content and guidance for the build to get what you are after, so make sure you ask what the team need from you if you’re unsure!
  3. Be open to suggestions – Most teams will have a wealth of knowledge of what works, what doesn’t work and what will improve a site. So try and be as open as possible to hear what the team suggest either along the way or once you are online. Remember your success online is their success as well!

To find out more about how Manny can help your business achieve beautiful results, contact Emote Digital today.

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