Email Marketing: Why I Love Unsubscribes

Full disclosure, I can sometimes say things that are unconventional, this might be one of those moments – but bare with me as I do have good reasoning behind my madness.

Before I go on though, the below concepts only work if you’re sending out interesting email campaigns and not spammy bad ones. If people unsubscribe because your campaigns are bad that is a separate issue.

Whenever I send email campaigns for ourselves or clients I am always interested to see the unsubscribes. Not because I want people to not be interested, but because I love clean list.

The reality in life is you can’t please everyone. No matter what business you’re in someone will not be interested in you. Even Apple has a large following of haters (I know, unbelievable!). The more of these people you can get out of your mailing list the better.

It can also be good to test this by sending more frequent emails (say 3 or 4 a month) for a month to cleanse your list. If your emails aren’t frequent people will just be inclined to delete and forget, 4 emails in a month will really test them so that you only end up with the people who will actually read your emails.

It’s a bold concept. But just think about it, wouldn’t you prefer to send your emails to people that want to read your emails?

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