Siri Dictation FTW

If you are not yet using speech-to-text technology, you really ought to be. I am writing this entire blog post using only my voice and shall leave it unedited so you may see just how accurate bracket or not bracket it is. Clearly the voice command of bracket is not yet covered.

Speech-to-text technology saves you time and energy. All you have to do is press the little microphone symbol on your keyboard on your smart phone to enable the microphone to listen to your voice and converts it to text.

On my iPhone keyboard the microphone symbol is located on the right of the emoticon symbol and the left of the space symbol. Once activated you speak your text and your grammar. As long as you are in a relatively quiet area you should have no distortion or accidental input from other conversations in nearby proximity. I am writing this blog post in the body of an email but to any onlooker it would look like I’m having a quiet conversation on the phone.

From my previous blog posts you may already be aware that technology and I do not always get along. However, I can see myself getting used to this. Especially when attempting to reply to emails on your iPhone, this certainly saves your farms and replies in about one quarter of the time. And by farms I mean dumbs Psalms sums sums.

[Apparently you must switch to manual typing if attempting to write the word ‘thumbs’, haha].

You can switch to manual typing at any time to make edits to what you have already spoken, but as stated earlier for the purpose of transparency I shall leave the above embarrassing mistakes as evidence of this still-flawed technology. For the most part it understands you quite well: I would give it a 95% success rate.

I can see that within the 5% error rate would be the words that are also grammatical terms. Doctors discussing: cancer for example may struggle as you can see here.

For the most part this technology is amazing and highly enjoyable. I recommend you try it as you reply to your next email.

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