Email Marketing: Keep it Short, Very Short

The irony in this post is most people are too lazy to even read it. But for the small percentage of you that will read the whole article, I’ll keep it short.

This problem is more exacerbated in email form. How many times have you received a long email, scanned it, or just read the first line. It is inevitable that if you put something in email form it will be missed.

When sending emails keep your message short. One big headline that says what you want to say, a short paragraph to support it (that will probably only be read by 0.5% of people) and an oversized call to action. Limit the amount of messages (aim for a max of 3) and always have a leading message that is most important so that it is always noticed. The supportive messages are only for those who are super keen.

The goal is this, you don’t want to send an entire article in email form as nobody likes to read emails. But once a user has committed to clicking a link their subconscious tells them they should spend more time reading whatever it is you have to say because they have taken the time to click the link.

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