Case Study: Integrating Social Media Effectively

Case Study: Integrating Social Media Effectively

Many brands have social media accounts simply because they feel like they have to. The accounts are rarely updated, deliver no value to the audience, and deserve the measly seven followers they have. (Six are staff). However, sometimes a brand comes along who really uses social media to the best of its ability. And not always in the way you might think…

Property search giant,, recently launched an integrated advertising campaign utilising Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TVC and web. The purpose was to build awareness of new website features, whilst aiding brand awareness as competing brands begin to encroach on the marketplace.

If you’re a consumer of news and television, you may have heard the unmistakable voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger, together with his newly hired personal assistant, a fictitious character by the name of Dylan Blocke.

The campaign began with a simple tweet. ‘Dylan’ used Twitter to announce his new position and employer. Naturally, the media immediately picked up on this and the story unfolded from there. Thank you, social media.

The persona of Dylan Blocke exists on Twitter and Instagram, where tweets and photos tell the story of Schwarzenegger ‘s search for a dream home. Cue Of course, all was revealed when the TVCs appeared, but while it lasted it really was a rather interesting use of social media.

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