Fun is Serious Business at Emote

The following statement can probably be found on just about every digital agency website in Melbourne these days:

“We pride ourselves on having a fun and friendly company culture”

Yes, you’ve seen it on ‘about us’ pages, read it in job ads and heard it in interviews. It’s become a catch all statement that is so overused it has lost any meaning it once had.

Well, as this post will illustrate – we’re a little bit different. When we say we have fun, we mean it. That’s right, here at Emote, we take fun seriously.

We do the usual park lunches on sunny days, we have our friday drinks, we throw our annual christmas party and we’ve even been known to tell a joke or two (or more. so many more) around the office. This is all great, and definitely contributes to our ‘fun and friendly company culture’, but it’s not quite enough to set us apart from everyone else, luckily we have a few more tricks up our sleeve. That’s right, what could be more fun and friendly than…a puppy!

Meet Einstein, he may not be in every day, but when Lee Hew does bring him in, he brings a smile to everyones faces!

And if puppies aren’t your cup of tea, Emelye Lovell’s little ball of fluff Dolores can sometimes be seen hopping around the office.

Unfortunately, due to their busy schedules, Einstein and Dolores aren’t able to make it in every day, thankfully, we can usually take comfort in the fact that our favourite pet programmer Andy is in (almost) everyday!

We love having all three of our furry friends around (we just hope Michael doesn’t bring his cat in). If you think you might love it too, feel free to shoot us an email at [email protected] with your resume!

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