Brighter Office For Your Brighter Business Future

@Emote we are digital people with digital minds, nothing excites us more than some cutting edge technologies … or renovating our work environment for a better and higher quality work/life balance.

Since we are almost on top of the tech side (come talk to us then you’ll believe me), we did a redecoration recently to make everyone on the team a little happier. Meet EMOTE DIGITAL 2014 Version8.0 official release (unfinished).

First of all, our new logo. As many of you may question at first time as well as answer your own question: isn’t it look like I[who must not be named]? Wait … I[who must not be named]? What I[who must not be named]? It’s EMOTE DIGITAL!!! It’s newer, it’s better, and it works!

We also got rid of our couch/coffee table/relaxing/client meeting area and replaced it temporarily with THIS:

The picture is a little misleading, what I want point out is the new floorboards. It is sooo much better than the carpet we used to have. Floorboards are easier to clean, refreshing and make our chairs slide much more smoothly.

BTW since we got extra space without the couch and stuff, our constantly occupied programming minds can finally have a rest here by playing real-time/real-life woodblock Tetris. Big win for JM, Micheal and me.

Of course, we care about the environment more than anything, not just for our comfort, but also… for the real environment. That’s why we brought in these wall plants into our Eco system.

Did you see the hidden story here?

That’s right, there are 14 of them. Fourteen! Not twelve (bit), not sixteen (bit). It’s a number between two DIGITAL digits. It remind us that what we do are not pure virtual, but closer to people’s real life. We call them — VirtualBoxes.

Yet mystery remains, how do we water the plants on the top?

Next is our biggest change in the office:

Ohh yeah! Awesome glass walls! 13cm thick, 145cm high mounted to the Floorboards and 20% see through. It create such good sense of spacing for the dev/design team. With brand-new desks and draws I have never see happier faces on our developers and designers.

And at last but not the least, our newborn 32G ram highend iMacs. Our devs can run 14 VirtualBoxes now, and our designers will never have Photoshop crashes ever again. Our work efficiency increases by at least 186.35% (because (16g x 2 – 4.48g sys ram ) / 32).

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