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Powerful digital marketing for Carbitool powertools.

Carbitool has a long standing reputation for excellence in the manufacture of carbide tools for the woodworking, cabinetry, joinery, furniture, timber and panel industries.

We’ve worked with them on seasonal campaigns, product campaigns and specific marketing campaigns – here we’ll take a look at how the conversion campaigns, along with remarketing and LAL have helped to increase conversion rate and ROAS along with driving traffic to the website.

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The Challenge

Carbitool’s business goal was to increase their brand presence at the same time increase their online sales. The challenge was to achieve results with a tight budget and limited brand awareness.

Carbitool was fairly new to Google Ads when they started with Emote Digital. Their existing account was not set up with Google Analytics making it difficult to track user data. Challenges included:

The Approach

Google Ads
  • Determined their best converting keywords and created a campaign specifically for those keywords.
  • Created ads around the keywords to improve quality score and relevancy score. 
  • Used Negative Keywords.
  • Implemented Dynamic Search Ads to generate relevant ads based on the company’s vast and dynamic product catalogue. 
  • Reconnected with past site visitors using Dynamic Remarketing.


Social Ads

We employed paid social campaigns, divided into useful campaigns that catered to particular demographics. We built multiple ad groups within each campaign and created ads targeting the audience within each group.

We made sure the purchase rate was high, and we carefully researched and considered detailed targeting and remarketing, so we could improve the ROAS. As a result, ad engagement increased, with continuous increase in purchase rate.

Carbitool Instagram Ads Example
Carbitool Facebook Advertising on Laptop View

The Outcomes

Google Ads:

We were able to create more qualified leads and reduce costs. This appears as fewer impressions but a higher conversion rate. This is thanks to ad messaging and audience targeting being more refined than the previous campaigns.

We also improved on the following KPIs:


We made sure the click through rate stays high with a CTR of 4.36% at lower costs. We were able to achieve this with great ad copy and accurate audience targeting.


We lowered the cost per conversion significantly by using better account management and optimization. We also brought down the cost per conversion to $31.66 per conversion and a cost per click of $0.49 per click.


We spent $32k on advertising, generating a revenue of $292k with a return on ad spend of 6.30x for a period of 27 months.

Social Ads :

Over the period July 2022- October 2022, we managed to increase the conversion rate, with monthly increases, resulting in a total of 91 purchases.

Increased the ROAS with average ROAS being 2.27 accumulating revenue of around $12K. This month the revenue is 4x the client investment on advertising.

Also, we managed to increase the post engagement to over 12k and impressions over 510K over a span of 27 months

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