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A Completely New Fitout for Experts in Joinery

MD Projects wanted to launch its new joinery venture Melwood with a complete website, marketing and branding solution.

Melwood Business Card Design

The Challenge

Double Checking the Measurements 

It was time to let Melwood shine. 

We needed to create a brand that could stand side by side with their existing MD Projects while still having the ability to grow with the business. Melwood needed a whole brand design, as well as landing page creation and social media management. 

A key point we needed to demonstrate is that Melwood was capable of any job, from small scale to large commercial and residential projects and that they have the proven track record of completed projects to back it up. 

We needed to create a website and social media presence that would connect them with the right audience to drive conversions and leads.




The Approach

Making the First Cut 

We love the challenge of launching a new business.  

Melwood needed a digital brand that spoke to its company ethos: Every client. Every project. We deliver. Keeping in mind its sister company MD Projects, we enlisted the help of our very own sister company Bellman to create modern branding that would instantly stand out. 

We also wanted to ensure that if the company wanted to expand, Melwood would be able to seamlessly grow or combine with MD Projects in the future. Using this to guide our digital design, we created a landing page that was cohesive across all channels that used an impressive UX to drive conversions. Combined with the launch on social media, we highlighted their beautiful joinery work to allow the brand to organically grow.




Melwood website and instagram feed preview
Melwood branding on a car and website header

The Outcome

Putting It All Together 

The results are a brand that can stand all on its own. 

Stepping out from MD Projects shadow, Melwood has a unique voice. Featuring a responsive website with intuitive UX to drive conversions and delivering on brand imagery and messaging for their organic social, we let Melwood’s joinery projects do the talking. 

We have delivered a seamless experience across platforms with digital assets that enhances the Melwood brand. We’re excited to see the brand grow. 

An expert joinery business needed a digital brand with a razor-sharp focus.




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