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Erstwilder is a local Melbourne label creating collectible, resin adornments from parrot brooches to jellyfish earrings. Each piece is unique in its character design and limited production run.

They have a dedicated following who love their creations, so needed the best way to speak to their fans. Considering their lofty goals for progression throughout Australia and the US, it was our capabilities and previous results that impressed them enough to engage with us.

The Problem

Erstwilder engaged us in the back half of 2019 to discuss their Social Advertising as they weren’t getting the most out of the agency they were with at the time.

The problems for us to tackle:

1. They weren’t capitalising on opportunities for growth

2. Their social advertising was not following best practice

3. Regular launches of brand new ranges, products, and events meant tight timeframes when creating ad campaigns

4. Their audience targeting was limited and not yielding the results they wanted

5. Copy and design for ad creative needed improvement

Erstwilder Instargam Stories Ads preview
Erstwilder Facebook Ads

The Approach

We set priorities and goals from the very beginning. This meant our team were able to clearly see possibilities for growth and rectify existing issues.

1. We launched new campaigns and immediately identified key improvements in all metrics

2. Making data-based optimisation throughout the duration of a campaign, to provide scalable ROI

3. We rolled out an advertising strategy that was flexible and adaptable to each of their new range launches

4. We implemented social advertising with new audiences across Facebook, Instagram AND Pinterest, as we strategically identified where best to reach their target market

5. We improved their range of creative placements as well as creating variations of their ad copy and design

Live reporting brought a new dimension of insights for Erstwilder—something they weren’t used to. Being able to see everything in one dashboard meant they didn’t have to look between various sources; all of the information was at hand for them.

Our experience from other eCommerce clients encountering similar challenges meant we could quickly address and overcome. There’s no better preparation than experience.

The Outcome

Since starting with Emote, Erstwilder have seen their most successful months in terms of sales, revenue, and return on ad spend. We are now in the process of expanding the focus into other countries, as well as looking into new ad channels and formats.

  • Return on Ad Spend has increased by 76% compared to the previous year
  • Over a 6 month period, revenue has increased by 277%
  • Average of 9.11x ROI since managing their advertising
  • US traffic is up 106%, and revenue up 62% compared to the previous year
  • Revenue for the region has more than doubled in just 3 months

Since helping them expand, their US traffic is up 106% and we have tripled their traffic and revenue from the key geographical areas highlighted as priorities.


ROI since working with Emote


Increase in revenue compared to the previous year


Increase in US traffic

Erstwilder Facebook Ads preview

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