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NC Fitness is an eCommerce brand specialising in commercial and private functional fitness equipment.

Established in 2012, they required a serious advertising and remarketing strategy for social and search to direct traffic and sales to their online store.

As an eCommerce brand, NC Fitness needed to be able to target and re-target potential customers. This was delivered across both Social and Search, which allowed us to specifically target untapped audiences to help boost their brand image and saw sales grow exponentially in a very short space of time.

We started with a social feed full of content highly relevant to their audience, to boost engagement, and really build their brand.


NC Fitness instagram feed


NC Fitness Australia social media advertising

Superb Social Advertising

What’s the point of making an amazing website if no one’s going to see it? We rolled out wide-reaching social campaigns that were on-brand, conversion-focused and ultimately successful. This previously untapped area became and incredible source of revenue for NC Fitness.


ROI from Facebook & Instagram ads


Increase in total followers between Nov 2016 - Nov 2019

Remarketing across the Google Display Network


Decrease in cost per click compared to previous year


Increase in purchases from Google Ads compared to previous year

NC Fitness Google Advertising
NC Fitness Australia Pro-Grade KettleBells product page preview

Our work allowed NC Fitness to stake out their online territory and reach new potential customers across a wide range of channels. Through a comprehensive SEO strategy, and stunning digital ads, we were able to get the gains this national brand needed.

The results were outstanding, with consistent growth across revenue and ROAS over a 5 year period of working together.


ROI from Social Advertising


Increase in site traffic over a 2 year period


Average annual growth in overall website revenue

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