You shouldn’t cut your own hair: The benefits of hiring a professional copywriter

We’ve previously blogged about the benefits of blogging, this time out we’re going to be writing some copy on the benefits of copywriting. We like to have fun here.

Copywriting is a marketing service that sits slightly apart from other areas. Everyone understands the importance of getting a professional designer to do their logos, but some will wrinkle their nose when it comes to hiring a writer.

A common assumption is that writing isn’t too difficult; it’s basically just knowing how to use spell check and putting full stops at the end of a sentence, right?

Well, let’s just throw this little analogy out there: you shouldn’t write your own copy in the same way you shouldn’t cut your own hair. You may technically be lopping hairs off your head, but it sure as hell isn’t going to be something you’ll happily strut around town with. And your content is something you absolutely should have confidence in.

The content your business produces is one of the key ways people will interact with your brand. Communication is everything when it comes to conveying who you are, what your purpose is, and most importantly, the value of dealing with you.

You only get one first impression, and if a potential client reads something that doesn’t flow, or (heaven forbid) has a typo, it will lower the value of you as an institution in their eyes.

Even if you’re a competent writer, hiring a professional can save you a tonne of time, which could be used to focus on other areas of your business. Professional writers also tend to create a body of work in significantly less time than it would take someone else.

Not only will content be delivered faster, but a good copywriter will be able to capture the essence of your brand and promote your services in a concise manner that’s also tailored for SEO.

The value of having an outsider look at your content shouldn’t be underestimated either. Terms and phrasing that are second nature to you might not be so obvious to your audience, and a copywriter will pick up on this and create accessible work that sounds exciting no matter how mundane the industry may be.

When you’re next looking to start a project with content requirements, look to a professional, it might do more good than you can possibly imagine.

If you’re interested in discussing your copywriting needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Emote Digital. Just don’t come to us asking for a haircut.

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