WooCommerce Connect – A Huge Leap For Open Source eCommerce

WooCommerce has just announced they have been working on a fantastic new way for connecting to third party apps called WooCommerce Connect. WooCommerce Connect will be a hosted service that handles all the heavy lifting when it comes to processing items via third parties.

So why is this so great? Well, as Australia’s only gold-tier WooCommerce Expert, we are people’s first port of call when it comes to solving issues with WooCommerce. The number 1 issue almost every time is plugins. People choosing the wrong plugins, having too many or simply not updating plugins. This creates an abundance of issues such as speed issues, reliability issues and security issues. WooCommerce Connect will remove the need to have a number of plugins in place for your website. From shipping to payments, all can be handled through WooCommerce Connect without the need to install additional plugins, set-up API keys or even subscription keys – it’s all handled out of the box.

This is a huge leap forward for WooCommerce and it will effectively give you all the benefits of a cloud hosted solution but with the benefits and flexibility of open source.

WooCommerce Connect is currently in Alpha testing with USPS, and will roll out to other services over the coming months.

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