Woah. Just, woah.

If you happened to read my recent blog on technology, you’d know that Mister. Tech and I don’t always get along. But today he has served me up a shining little gem of bite-size technology I both understand and appreciate. I think this is something we can all appreciate.

May I present to you NFC.

Near Field Communication. I could be wrong, but I think it is similar to that PayWave thing I’ve been spending up big on recently. Except here, it’s inside a business card. Woah – I know.

NFC by a clever company called MOO has created an immediate and totally awesome way to link people with your digital world. By inserting a tiny microchip inside the business card, you can share any imaginable source of online content with the people you meet every day. All they need to do is hold your card up to their smartphone and your desired action occurs instantly.

This could mean that your details are immediately stored in their phonebook. It could take them straight to your website. It might open a map of your location and your business hours. Or, if you want to get creative with it, load video content, music, menus, apps, open your portfolio – anything!

MOO tells us to think of the technology like “an enormous, dynamic and exciting third side” of our traditional business cards. I like the sound of that! I also like being able to change my mind whenever I feel like it, so the fact that you can update the link as often as you please, pleases me.

This is literally the most excited I’ve been about anything digital in like… four minutes. (We just launched our new website; usually that timeframe would have been much wider).

Maybe my new NFC business cards will link to it…





Up next: Be careful what you wish for – A story of websites, usability and kettles.

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