What’s coming in 2015

Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realise that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.”  – Eckhart Tolle

Change is an important part of life, often in business change comes after a consumer shift in the market place, new ideas or a revolutionary product. Initially it is feared, resisted and put to the back burner whenever possible, however without change it would not be possible to move forward and adapt to the ever changing market that we find ourselves in.

For Emote Digital & Big Picture Group in 2014, we had a rethinking of the way we ran our business, how we projected ourselves to our market and how we wanted our culture to be shaped.

Change will come when a new idea creates the opportunity for someone to gain an advantage on their competition.

In the world of digital marketing, these changes are happening everyday. In fact since I’ve moved into this position earlier this Google has unveiled 11 major updates to its search algorithms & by New Years Eve, there will have been at least 500 smaller changes made to the Google search algorithm this year alone. As you could see, this role requires as much research as it does application. From Panda to Pigeon to Pirate it is important to stay on top and remember that the aim of SEO is not to work around the changes but adapt and work with them.

However in 2015 it should be important to remember that we mustn’t put all of our SEO eggs into one basket… A little over a month ago Firefox announced it was ending its partnership with Google & introduced Yahoo as its default search engine. In addition to Firefox, Safari’s partnership with Google as its default search engine is also expiring in 2015, as it continued in its goal of taking over the world by moving into developing its own search engine.

We might not see a mass migration of Google users to Yahoo or Bing in 2015, but we’ve been preparing throughout the year for the changes. We haven’t seen a huge amount of traffic through Bing & Yahoo, but it was definitely there & growing. In addition to the major players outside of Google, smaller search engines such as DuckDuckGo which stands out because it will never track users search history are also making a move on the big Google pie.

Who knows what will happen but I can smell change in the air.

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