We Audited Ourselves! Here’s What We Found

We are big advocates for audits, especially when clients come to us and aren’t sure what services they need. We decided it was time to practice what we preach and conduct an audit on Emote.

89% of all companies have already adopted a digital-first business strategy or plan to do so. So if you don’t have one, you’re probably behind your competitors. An audit helps you build this digital-first strategy.

The Benefits of an Audit

  • Identify strengths so they can be promoted
  • Identify weaknesses so you can improve
  • Uncover hidden opportunities for growth and revenue
  • Help the decision making process
  • If you have a limited budget, find out what to prioritise
  • Evaluate the performance of your competitors
  • Find gaps in the market
  • Use as a tool for convincing various stakeholders
  • Feel confident in your digital strategy

Keen to See the Audit?

We’re pretty happy with our current brand and website, but it took some serious self reflection to get here. By utilising our expert specialists, we audited our entire brand and business to uncover focus areas for the future.

Not sure what an audit includes or looks like? Check out this sample audit we did of ourselves to get an idea.

View the audit right here.

After the Audit

When you receive your audit, you have gold in your hands. Treat it as such. It’s the key to unlocking opportunities, developing keen strategies and building confidence in your decisions.

To show you what we mean, let’s look at the tweaks, overhauls and strategies we implemented after conducting an audit on ourselves.


We added an arrow to demonstrate the drop down menu for easier navigation.

UX Drop-down Menu for Navigation

We updated our main heading with stronger copy that nails exactly what we do.

Powerful Website Measurable Marketing


By installing Nitropack and cleaning up our code, you can see our website runs FAST. It literally can’t get better.

Emote Website Peformance Score

By boosting our case study and blog content with rich text that’s both engaging and keyword-filled, we’ve also improved our ranking.

Continuous Website Improvement

The top purple line is the last 3 months in 2021, and the bottom blue line is the same 3 months a year ago in 2020. That’s a solid, consistent improvement year on year.


Not to brag (copywriter here) but we’re pretty proud of the calibre and consistency of our content production. We make the most of delivering content that’s rich in SEO, tone of voice and purpose.

We streamlined our offerings.

Custom Content and Consistency-Emote Digital Services


And highlighted our important case studies on the homepage.

Suzuki Digital Advertising-Emote Digital


We’ve seen huge success from our remarketing strategy and utilising different platforms. Premium messaging in search ads has also boosted conversions.

As for social advertising, we think the new ads speak for themselves.

Powerful Digital Advertising-Emote Digital

We even received feedback from a Facebook user.

“I adore your creative and branding by the way. I see you guys a lot and I’m constantly impressed… Nice work!”

Organic Social

We implemented a consistent and vibrant template for our feed with great results. Check out the before and after.



We dropped the word “digital” from our brand name Emote Digital and created a new logo for Emote.


By expanding our colour palette we added freshness, vibrancy and excitement to our website, socials and branding.

By developing content guidelines we’ve ensured our content is consistent in messaging and tone of voice across every channel. This builds trust from our audience and helps us become recognisable and memorable.

In Summary

By auditing ourselves, we’ve now transformed areas we needed to improve as you can see from the changes outlined here. We also doubled down on where we were already seeing success so that we could thrive.

The simple and annoying truth is: you don’t know what you don’t know.

We’re the experts when it comes to digital marketing and websites and we can help you turn what you don’t know into what you do know — a powerful tool for increasing conversions and building a better digital presence.

Ready to know the truth of your brand so you can create a path for greatness? Talk to us about getting a digital audit for your business today. 
We can say from experience, it’s absolutely worth it. 

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