Using Google Markup incorrectly could be very bad for your website

Google will start to punish sites that incorrectly use the Events Markup feature. For those that aren’t aware – Markup is the Google feature that allows businesses to show they have current events on, which are displayed through Google search results and Google products such as Maps.

It’s possible to display all types of events through Markup, including upcoming gigs, yoga classes and more. So you can see how this would be beneficial for businesses, however that’s only true when done correctly.


An example of using Markup incorrectly is it to advertise coupons like in the above image. Google state in their developer guidelines “as much as using a discount voucher can be a very special thing, that doesn’t make coupons or vouchers events.”

Google go on to warn those who misappropriate the feature that abusing Markup could lead to their site being stripped of any rich content (descriptions of web pages in a search result). This will hurt your website’s ranking, which is pretty much the opposite of what you want.

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