The Irvine Club raise over $200,000 for the Ponting Foundation

On November 17 the Irvine Club held a lunch in Melbourne, raising over $200,000 for the Ponting Foundation’s Exceptional Needs Assistance program.

Emote Digital is proud to be a sponsor of the Irvine Club and to have supported this special day by creating print and online collateral.

The Ponting Foundation is dedicated to helping children and their families beat cancer, and has pledged to fund the Exceptional Needs Assistance Program until 2020.

The Exceptional Needs Assistance Program – started in partnership with Redkite in 2009 – helps families with rare and severe needs in addition to a childhood cancer diagnosis. By providing assistance to these families, the program is able to nurture and comfort people in a time of need.

To find out more about the Ponting Foundation and to donate to this great cause, you can visit the website here. And to learn more about the Irvine Club you can click here.

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