Why Ranking On The First Page Is More Important Than Ever.

Google has given you another reason to rank on page one, and it comes in the form of the humble “back to top” button.

Google has been testing two different styles of the button, which is seen as encouraging users to revisit the top ranking results, rather than move onto the second page.

The testing was carried out on mobile search results, on both Chrome and iOS, but was apparently not very responsive.

The first button style being tested by Google was spotted in early November, by Twitter user Segery Alakov. It featured a blue “BACK TO TOP” button that hovered over the search results.

The second button style was more simple and hidden, and appeared below the “Next” button. This style is more subtle and less intrusive to the user, and does not particularly force them to revisit the first page results.

No matter what button style is introduced (if it is at all), it is still reinforcing that if you’re not first, you’re last. It is now more crucial than ever to ensure that you are on the first page of results, whether that be via paid Google ads or SEO organic ranking.

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