Nothing But Pixel Perfect

I used to be a freelance front-end developer when I was in Uni. These days when I look back the old work I created and I feel very uncomfortable.  Based on my current experience and criteria, that work is just fine but less than perfect.

Since I started working as a professional front-end developer in Emote Digital, I’ve gained a lot of experience in both my skills and understanding. The most important part of front-end development is appreciating pixel positioning. Designers create mockups/images for a website using photoshop and a developer converts it to HTML/CSS markup. By nature, designers understand and appreciate fine details of a design like colours, alignment, padding and margins. The work I do as a front-end developer is a reflection of the finished product. Any errors or omissions even a 10px deviation will effect the final results of the job as it spoils the design and nothing less than perfect is acceptable.



Image credit: eboy

“It is not nitpicking when you want to be great” – Jason Stockton

Front end developers need to care about these responsibilities:

  1. Programming excellent code based on up-to-date programming language and conventions
  2. Deliver pixel perfect work in relation to the designs
  3. Deliver the website functionality with an exceptional user experience.

We care more than our clients do about the finer details.

So, if you have any idea of the perfect website that you want, just drop us a line [email protected] and chat with our experienced team.  They will visualise it, us developers will handle the rest with the highest level of precision.

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