Introducing Retailered: The Ultimate Knowledge Feast For Modern Retailers

We’re so excited to announce Retailered, an initiative we have begun in association with the Australian Retail Association, Bellman and The Internet Conference. Retailered is a 3 hour session where we get 4 of the greatest minds in retail to share their stories of success, failure and the latest developments in retail technology.

Our first event kicks off on October 27th at Romulus & Remus in Richmond with retail geniuses Paul Breen and Cristina Re speaking along side technology geniuses Alex Haggerty and Jeff Atizado. The event starts at 8.30am with coffees and delicious breakfast treats with everything finishing up at 11.30am so you can get back to work and implement all your findings.

You can get your tickets from here and use the coupon EMOTE15 for 30% off the ticket price!

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