Google Adwords: Using Adwords Extensions

When it comes to Google Adwords it can often be hard to stand out from the crowd. Searches are bombarded with so many results it can be hard for you to be seen. There is however a few tools Google Adwords gives you to help you stand out from the crowd, these are called Adwords extensions. Enabling these add extra content to your ads in various situations.

Location Extensions

Location extensions allow you to display the physical location of your office/retail outlet below the ad. This is handy to show people searching from nearby where exactly where you are located, making it more likely to generate extra interest in you.


Sitelinks Extensions

Sitelinks extensions are perfect for broader phrases which may have multiple sub categories associated to the search. For example, a search for “t-shirts” is the perfect example, are you looking for “Mens T Shirts”, “Ladies T Shirt”, “Kids T Shirts” or “Cotton T Shirts”.


Callout Extensions

Callout extensions allow you to provide searches with unique selling points so you can show why visitors should pick you over one of the myriad of other search results available.


Call Extensions

Call extensions are a great way for you to add phone numbers directly to an ad. Furthermore you can enable call tracking which will create a call forwarding number to track when a call comes from Google Adwords. This is a great way to track if Google Adwords is working for you if you’re the type of business which receives many calls for sales.


Review Extensions

Review extensions are great to highlight the quality of your brand/service. In the event that you have a stack of great reviews on Google you can opt to have these shown in your ad.


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