Getting the Most Out of Your Marketing Dashboard

Those of you who have experienced a well-designed marketing dashboard will rave about how useful they are. Those who don’t see the value have most likely never used a purpose-driven dashboard before.

Dashboards are an incredible tool for tracking your digital marketing and business success so you can continue to grow. We’ve compiled a list of key components that are required to get the most out of yours.

Maketing Dashboard Data


Different businesses care about different things. That’s why your dashboard should be tailored to track what you care about and what’s most important to your business.

Ask yourself, what are your goals? Whether you’re tracking marketing performance, growing your media campaigns or driving any other business goals, make sure your dashboard is tailored to suit you.

We know that you’re busy and want to be able to see what you need from a glance. That’s why we fully customise the display to suit your requirements.

Data, Data, Data

Obviously your marketing dashboard is used to show data. But have you considered if you’re getting enough data from enough places?

We’re talking about data that details your overall website performance as well as for specific channels and campaigns. Benefit from diversifying your marketing channels and gain a holistic view of your performance using the right live data.

Why does live data matter? Because a real-time dashboard allows you to see the most important numbers right in front of you. This is useful for businesses that need to know if their sales are achieving what they need to at any given time. It can also tell if the website is responsive to users.

Different data is also important to different audiences. For an executive, you might want to only look at things like KPIs and reach. For those more interested or in specialist roles, you can dive right into social ROI and engagement.

We split our dashboards into sections where we can show, for example, Google Ads performance, SEO progress, Facebook Ads returns, and much, much more. The possibilities are endless and chances are, if it’s online activity, we can show it in your dashboard.

Best Performing Ads

The Details

The info on your dashboard can be as detailed or as high level as you need.

That might mean seeing which is the best performing creative in order to shape what we do moving forward. We can look at region by region results if you need to see how different locations are performing.  By looking at top selling products, you can understand which are your hero products or what your customers are looking for.

Importantly, we can easily track and quantify trends for your business throughout the year. This can help you with forward planning, for budgets, campaigns and more.

Do different members of your team care about different results from marketing?

Save time and increase productivity when you no longer require every team member to read through every page. Instead, you want a dashboard that can have different pages customised for different team members. This could be high level for board members or directors, and more granular for the specialists.

Insightful Commentary

A good marketing dashboard includes commentary in addition to raw data. Because numbers are one thing, but understanding what these numbers mean is where the real value lies.

That’s why all of our dashboards tell a story. We don’t just regurgitate what you can already see, we diagnose problems before they arise, spot trends across months and add helpful tips and ideas that we’ve thought of. Because years of experience, expertise and familiarity with your brand’s data means we have unique insight into your business.

As digital marketing specialists, we hold key insights into both your business objectives and the overall climate. There might be a drop or increase in sales, but the story around why this happens is crucial to understanding how to avoid it in future or capitalise on it now, and this external opinion and input is invaluable to any brand.

insightful commentary maketing dashboard data best performing ads best business in the market growth of the company

Monthly Meetings

Anyone with an email account has gotten into the habit of marking emails as “read” without fully absorbing them. And the same can easily happen with your marketing dashboard.

By meeting in person (or over Zoom these days) and going through the data and insights together, you can feel confident in knowing you’ve fully understood the outcomes. Monthly meetings remove any gap in understanding.

Data is only as useful as being able to understand and implement actions that come from it. It’s not enough just to have the stats, you need to know what it’s telling you so you can make the changes to grow.

Be informed and then act.

That’s our philosophy when it comes to making the most of your marketing dashboard. Talk to us today about transforming your digital marketing with live dashboard solutions for your business. 

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