Get AMPed: Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

If you spend a lot of time Googling on your phone (don’t we all?) then you’ve probably noticed a little green lightning bolt symbol appearing next to some search results. This is an indicator that a website is using Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP.

Accelerated Mobile Pages load super fast— almost instantly, in fact. The technology is an open-source initiative developed by Google. It allows for truly innovative mobile browsing, and with updates being released every single week, it’s fast becoming the go-to for mobile users.

The Many Benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages

While Accelerated Mobile Pages may seem like a simple concept, their fast loading time provides so many benefits to both users and businesses.

AMP’s stripped-down appearance not only allows faster loading, but has the added benefit of allowing the user to browse distraction-free. This provides the ultimate seamless browsing experience.

Less time waiting for a page to load means more time spent browsing your website— including visiting different pages. Instantaneous loading also leads to a reduced bounce rate. So while AMP doesn’t affect Google’s ranking (yet), all these factors contribute to a positive user experience and in turn, better SEO.

Another benefit of AMP’s fast loading time is that ads load much quicker, so it’s less likely the user will scroll past them— not to mention more likely that they’ll click on them. It goes without saying that a higher likelihood of ads being viewed and clicked could lead to increased potential profit for your website and business.

Finally, AMP offers improved tracking. This means that it’s easier than ever to see who’s visiting your site, which provides an opportunity for marketing and remarketing.

How to Get Started with Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages have not only addressed a major pain point in internet browsing, but have seriously affected the way people prioritise which websites they visit. So what does this mean for your website?

Your page’s loading speed on mobile could be the deciding factor on whether people even look at your website— and this is long before they’ve even seen its content. If your website doesn’t utilise AMP and is loading slowly, then all of your meticulous SEO efforts could go to waste when the user gets frustrated and clicks away.

Ready to optimise your website for AMP? Before you get started, you should keep in mind that Accelerated Mobile Pages do have some restrictions. They don’t allow forms, may trigger lazy loading, and can also be hindered by non-AMP approved extensions.

Setting up AMP for your site is a little more complicated than just installing a plugin. To make sure it’s done right, consult with a developer who knows what they’re doing. The team here at Emote are more than happy to lend their expertise to bringing your website to the modern digital age. Get in touch now and see how we can improve your site’s speeds.


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