Emote’s Social Media Savant Talks Inspiration, Remarketing Tips and More

We’ve recently added to the team at Emote Digital, with Jessi Mastenbroek joining our social media team.

Jessi excels at organic social media marketing, using her eye for design and expertise with all platforms to create beautiful results.

Here’s a little more about Jessi in her own words:

What Do You Do at Emote?

I work in the social media team. Mainly focusing on organic content, I help our clients grow their business through social media and create appealing layouts for their social platforms.

What Is Your Professional Background?

I have completed a double degree in graphic design and photography. During the final year of university I gained a love for marketing and social media advertising. I have worked in social advertising for two years now and incorporate my skills in design and photography as much as I can.

What Do You like Doing for Fun?

I love spending time with my friends and family, traveling (my parents and some extended family are overseas) brunching, shopping and spending time with my puppy, and partner Dave. Anything with wine and cheese and I’m there.

If You Could Pick a Super Power What Would It Be and Why?

I should want something to help other or to be constructive but I would love to be able to turn into anything I want – imagine turning into a puppy and getting to sleep all day…

Who Is Your Role Model and Why?

Professionally – Zoe Foster Blake, an all round super women in business and life. She has accomplished so much professionally whilst maintaining a family life.

Personally – My parents, they are hard working, generous people with so much love to give.

What Are Your Top Three Social Media Tips for 2018?

  1. Google My Business is an important and often underrated tool for businesses. How often do you search a restaurant or business and click on the first thing that comes up in your map recommendations? Having your information updated and good reviews makes all the difference.
  2. Videos in social media – videos are slowly taking over our news feeds, use videos in your advertising for even more engagement!
  3. Remarketing is key – we search and shop online so casually these days and around 70% of all sales are abandoned! With remarketing we can target all the people who browsed or abandoned their cart and get them back to complete their purchase

Need help with your social? Get in touch with us today and see how Jessi and our team can boost your social media game.


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