Emote Digital’s Data Whizz-kid Shares His Insights on All Things Data

At Emote Digital we’re not only interested in retaining leading industry experts, we also have a vested interest in nurturing talent through our internship program.

Johannes Esbjornssom is the latest expert in the making at Emote Digital, and he has thoroughly impressed us with his keen eye for data, scripts and all things tech.

Here’s more about Johannes in his own words:

What Is Your Background?

Apart from a short stint in the IT-department at Coles, I’m pretty much a freshly baked grad student. At uni I studied Information Systems and at Coles I was a System Engineer, so I’m a pretty techie guy.

What Do You like Doing for Fun?

Since I’m not a native Australian, I spend as much time as possible exploring Melbourne as I can – I love going to gigs, exhibitions and those sort of things. If I get weeks and weeks off, I always go skiing. I spent two entire winters in the Canadian Rockies and one in the Austrian Alps doing nothing but that.

If You Could Pick a Super Power What Would It Be and Why?

Teleportation, without a doubt. I strongly dislike commuting, especially waiting around for the train to come. Imagine how much time you would save!

What Are the Top Three Things You’ve Learned so Far at Emote Digital and How Can They Help Clients?

  1. Data Mining  – A big trend in every industry is the relentless data mining, and of course digital marketing is no different. For Google Ads, gather as much data as you can. Some fields of Adwords don’t collect data by default, so set that up, you never know when can make use of that data.
  2. Automation –  Try to automate as much as possible. When you’re managing multiple campaigns it can be hard to spot every small inefficiency using only our primitive human brains. Write some scripts or get some on the internet that help you detect these things. Don’t waste your time looking for the needles in the haystack, let the computer do it for you.
  3.  Staying up to date – Might sound obvious but keep yourself up to date on all the stuff that’s going on in your area, especially if it’s technical. Google is constantly releasing new features for Adwords, so something that wasn’t possible to do a month ago might be possible now.

To find out more about how Emote Digital can help your business flourish through our data experts, contact us today.

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