It’s Official: Emote Digital Has Been Granted the Facebook Preferred Partner Badge

We’ve got some good news for our clients: Emote Digital has recently been granted the Facebook Preferred Partner badge. This status has only been granted to a select few agencies across the Asia-Pacific region.

Simply put, it means we can provide the very best service for our clients on social media advertising.

The Facebook Preferred Badge: Exclusive Perks for an Exceptional Agency

The Facebook Preferred partner badge is awarded to experts in driving client success. There are a few factors that decide if a marketing agency qualifies, such as:

  • A reputation for being able to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to important industry changes
  • A transparent business model
  • A proven track record of client success
  • Customer feedback that speaks to quality support
  • Proven success across multiple industries
  • A positive relationship with both clients and Facebook

At the risk of sounding like we’re bragging, it’s hardly surprising to us — or our clients — that Emote Digital are now officially considered experts in Facebook campaign management solutions.

According to Facebook: “Only companies that meet our highest standard for capability and performance earn the Facebook Marketing Partner badge, so you know they’re the best.”


What This Means for Our Clients

As a Facebook Preferred Partner, we have exclusive access to a range of tools that allow us to deliver impressive results to our clients across both Facebook and Instagram advertising. And since we’re one of only a few agencies in Australia with this accreditation, our clients can take advantage of a plethora of resources not available to other agencies.

So what’s changed? Not only are we now able to provide enhanced measurement and reporting on Facebook ads, but we also have access to concierge support. This means we’ll always have someone on hand, helping us to help you.

What’s more, we’re now able to continually expand our client offerings thanks to the program’s ever-expanding benefits.

Here are just a few of the amazing perks of the Facebook Preferred Partner program:

  • A wealth of sales and marketing learning resources to improve our knowledge base
  • Continuous updates on marketing trends to always stay in the loop
  • Guidance from seasoned Marketing Science experts, including in-person workshops and virtual training, to build our skill set
  • Invites to exclusive Facebook events, such as the +PRO Partner Event and Facebook PRO Expo
  • Access to tools such as creative templates, social narratives and funnel overviews to deliver the best possible service to our clients

The best part of all is that as Facebook’s PRO Partner Program is still in beta, we can expect more changes in the future that can only mean exciting things for Preferred Partners like Emote and their clients. Want to work with one of Facebook’s most trusted agencies? Call us today.


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